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The use of this program is at your own risk. There is no guarantee that you will be safe from detection. However, as of adding this notice to the site on 2011 August 18, I have not received a single e-mail or message about someone being detected and/or banned. If you look at the Steam forums, or possibly other forums, you will see a handful of posts from people saying that if you use it you will be banned, or that they had a friend banned because of it. These people have never provided any proof to me other than their word. If you ever do get detected or banned, please e-mail me or contact me immediately so that I can look into it and possibly pull the download so no one else gets banned.

If a new version of a game comes out and it's not updated in Widescreen Fixer then I may not be aware of the new version; please e-mail me and let me know.

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ApplicationVersionFilesizeFile Last Updated
Widescreen Fixer3.4 r7371057.49KB2015 September 20, 13:05:19 CDT

Included game plugins:
GamePlugin VersionPlugin Author(s)Latest Supported Game Version
Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000r690David Rudie (Dopefish)Initial Release
Alpha Protocolr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)Initial Release
Battlefield 2r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.50
Battlefield 3r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1147186
Battlefield 2142r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.51
Battlefield: Bad Company 2r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v795745
BioShockr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.0
Call of Duty 2r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.3 (SP & MP)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfarer736David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.20.1374051.30 (MP)
Call of Duty: Black Opsr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v7.0.179 (SP) & v7.0.189 (MP)
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIr690HaYDeNAll Versions
Call of Duty: Ghostsr717David Rudie (Dopefish)v3.15.14
Call of Duty: Modern Warfarer690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.7.568 (SP & MP)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2r737David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.0.175 (SP) / v1.2.211 (MP) / v3.0-126 (IW4M)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.9.461 (SP & MP)
Call of Duty: World at Warr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.7 (SP & MP)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensiver690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.20.1.1
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Editionr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax), HaYDeN, David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.0
Darkest of Daysr690David Rudie (Dopefish)Demo
The Darkness IIr690David Rudie (Dopefish)Update #1
Darksidersr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.0.0.1
Darksiders IIr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.0.4
Dead Islandr708David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.3.0
Dead Spacer706David Rudie (Dopefish)Steam & Origin
Dead Space 2r693David Rudie (Dopefish)Steam
Diablo IIIr735David Rudie (Dopefish), Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v2.2.0.30894
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddonr690Steven Cliffe (clippa)2012-Jan-25 Update
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.
Far Cry 2r706David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.03
Ghost Reconr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.4.0.0
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2r690HaYDeNv1.5.0.3048
Halor707David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.10
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoningr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.0.1
L.A. Noirer690HaYDeNv1.3 (2613)
Mass Effectr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.02
Mass Effect 2r690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.0.2
Mass Effect 3r690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.05
Pirates of New Horizonsr690Steven Cliffe (clippa)Preview Release
Rainbow Six: Vegas 2r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.03.101
Remember Mer690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.1.0
Resident Evil 6r690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.0.6
Resident Evil Revelationsr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.2.0
Risen 2: Dark Watersr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.0.1210.0
SEGA Rally Revor690David Rudie (Dopefish)v4.060
Serious Sam 3: BFEr697David Rudie (Dopefish)All Versions
Singularityr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.10.49069
SkyDriftr690David Rudie (Dopefish)Initial Release
Sonic Generationsr690David Rudie (Dopefish)Initial Release
Star Wars Republic Commandor690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.0
Star Wars: The Old Republicr690David Rudie (Dopefish), Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v1.3.8
Strangleholdr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.0
Tomb Raider: Anniversaryr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)Initial Release
Tomb Raider: Legendr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.2
Tomb Raider: Underworldr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)Initial Release
Unreal Tournament 3r690David Rudie (Dopefish)v2.1
The Walking Deadr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)Initial Release
Transformers: Fall of Cybertronr690HaYDeNv1.0
Transformers: War For Cybertronr690HaYDeNv1.0
Warhammer 40,000: Space Mariner690David Rudie (Dopefish)v1.0.156
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kingsr690Vasilovici Octavian (helifax)v3.4.0 (Steam) / v3.4.0 (GOG)
Wolfensteinr690David Rudie (Dopefish)v0.94.0.7036

SVN Revision Changes Since Last Release (r736 => r737) (Full SVN Log)

r737 — dopefish — 2015 September 20, 12:53:19 CDT
M/trunk/Plugin.Call of Duty Advanced Warfare/Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.cs
M/trunk/Plugin.Call of Duty Advanced Warfare/Configuration.Designer.cs
M/trunk/Plugin.Call of Duty Advanced Warfare/Configuration.cs
M/trunk/Plugin.Call of Duty Advanced Warfare/IConfiguration.cs
M/trunk/Plugin.Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2/Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.cs
M/trunk/Plugin.Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2/Configuration.cs

Added support for CoD:MW2 v1.2.211 and CoD:AW v1.20.1374051.30.

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